Do I have to send you my original passport copy in order to get the Business Visa stamped on my passport?

There is no need to send us your original passport copy.
Business Visa will be stamped at Visa-On-Arrival counter, in Yangon or Mandalay International airport.

Do I need to exchange U$ 200 to FEC (Foreign Exchange Certificate)?

There is no longer need to exchange as the practice had been abolished since July 2003.

Does traveler from ASEAN countries need to apply for Myanmar Visa?

Yes, there is no visa exemption for tourist from ASEAN countries and all citizens from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia will have to get Myanmar Visa when entering Myanmar.

How do I make payment?

You can pay by credit card or Paypal, for processing service fee of U$35 (for standard process) or U$45 (urgent process). There is another U$50 Business Visa fee, payable at Yangon or Mandalay International airport, in order to get the Business Visa stamped on your passport.

I would like to know the limit of liquor and cigarette allowed when travel to Myanmar?

According to Myanmar Customs Department, below is the information:

Free import:
– 400 cigarettes;
– 250g tobacco;
– 2 litres of alcoholic liquor;
– 150ml of perfume;
– electrical and electronic goods not more than UDD 500.- in value;
– portable video camera, HD camera or DV camera and 1 spare (set) battery.

Additional Information on regulations:
Animal products or animal feed must be submitted for inspection to the Airport Animal Quarantine Counter. Any product found to be not of standard quality or containing harmful pathogens or toxins will be confiscated and/or destroyed.
It is prohibited to import host plants of pests and soil. Any plants or plant products (seeds, bulbs, cut flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables) require a Phytosanitary Certificate must be delacred at the Plant Quarantine Counter.

What is the normal processing time and service charge to get my application processed? In the event that I need it urgently, what is the duration and charge?

It will take about 3-5 working days and U$35 service charge, for a normal application. In the event of urgent case, it will be processed and ready within 24 hours and costs U$45 service fee.

What is the total fees and charges that I may incur for my Visa-On-Arrival application?

We charge a service fee of U$35 for normal processing time of 3-5 working days and U$45 for less than 24 hours. In addition, there is a standard Business Visa stamp fee of U$50 (by cash), payable at Yangon or Myanmar airport Immigration.

What kind of visa do you processed?

We only process Business Visa online or Business Visa-On-Arrival, we don’t handle tourist visa at this moment.