More about Stay Extension

We all know foreigners can stay in Myanmar within the period of visa validity. In order to stay beyond the visa validity, one should apply for stay extension with recommendation from the relevant Ministries.


There are two different periods of stay extension available for application and the official fees are :

 Stay extension for 1 day to 3 months  $36
 Stay extension for 3 months to 1 year  $90


Alternatively, one can choose to overstay which is officially allowed in Myanmar and the official overstay fees are :

 Overstay from 1 to 90 days  $3 per day
 Overstay for more than 90 days  $5 per day


The immigration law requires all foreigners stay in Myanmar continuously for 90 days and above has to apply for FRC (Foreigner Registration Certificate), within 90 days of arrival in Myanmar. The fee for getting the FRC is $9 if applied within the 90 days of arrival, or else is $18 if failed to apply within the 90 days of arrival.

When foreigner in possession of FRC departs and re-enters Myanmar, he has to revalidate the FRC and the fee is $6 if done within the 30 days of his arrival in Myanmar, or $12 if beyond the 30 days of his arrival.

Also, FRC holders have to take note that all FRC will expire by 30th November annually and the fee is $9 if renew within the month of December, or else is doubled to $18.